amerge – An agency founded on a combined 40+ years of Amazon Advertising Experience.

Driving scale and profitability for your brand on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising

67% of customers start their product searches on Amazon.

amerge specialises in ensuring that your product is the one customers see on every step of their online shopping journey.

amerge combines 40+ years of Amazon Advertising experience to ensure your brand is front-of-mind to Amazon’s 300 million global customers. We optimise your digital storefront, fully manage your Search Advertising and seamlessly merge that with a bespoke Display strategy. We then integrate your advertising and retail data into our proprietary digital dashboard - The ROAS Engine - so you can instantly see how your advertising activity affects your sales.

Search Fully-managed Search

70% of Amazon customers never go past the first page of search results.

Amazon Search campaigns promote your products on search pages and - when run properly - can become the most powerful drivers of sales.

We have worked on search from day one at Amazon, giving us unique hands on knowledge of the platform to drive the best possible results at scale.

amerge utilises its Amazon experience to set up the most effective Search campaigns tailored to your goals.

We have run over 500 Display campaigns at Amazon allowing us to build incredibly effective campaigns at scale, maximising the power of Amazon’s unique data.

Combined with Search campaigns set up to the highest possible standards, it is one of the most powerful ways to grow your brand on Amazon.

Display Seamlessly integrated Search and Display

Display Advertising allows you to reach Amazon’s 300 million global customers almost anywhere on the internet. It is the most powerful tool that Amazon offers to draw new customers to your brand.

It is available to both customers that sell on Amazon and those who do not. With a vast range of unique data and targeting options, amerge ensures your campaigns are as effective as possible from day one.

Dashboard All of your Amazon Data in one easy-to-read dashboard

Amerge View is our answer to the complexity of Amazon data. Built on years of Amazon reporting experience, it fully integrates Search, Display and Retail data sources into an easy-to-read dashboard tailored to your needs.

About amerge

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