What Not to Do in 2023 in Sponsored Ads

Amazon Ads tools and services are constantly evolving elements. In times of audience fragmentation, economic uncertainty, and technology disruptions, advertisers want to ensure that they get the best return on investment for their money. However, it might be challenging to follow all the process updates, stay on top of daily changes, and run the business. Learn […]

Explore Amerge Creative Services

Who are we? Amerge Creative Services is an internal department within Amerge to assist you with all your creative needs and projects. We are a group of former Amazon employees, designers, and project managers who are equipped with know-how not only about design but also about Amazon. This is critical when considering a creative agency for your […]

Mastering Marketplace Expansion 

Marketplace expansion

Traveling on vacation to another country? Going on a business trip or even moving permanently somewhere else? Getting to know new cultures and habits, learning a new language, and enjoying the local products is very exciting, but what if you want to buy your favorite brand of sunscreen, because that’s the only one that doesn’t […]

Discover the role of negative targeting in Sponsored Ads

The role of negative targeting in Sponsored Ads

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss another common pitfall that we see during our free audits, which is that negative targeting is often missing. Compared to pausing, it requires more effort to implement but it pays dividends later on but let’s get into it. Negative targeting missing There are two ways you should use […]

Amerge and Omnifox join forces to enhance your brand visibility 

Today, we are delighted to announce that Amerge and Omnifox have started a strategic partnership to offer unparalleled content optimization services to our esteemed clients. In the fast-paced and competitive Amazon environment, having content that boosts visibility and maximizes conversion rates on product pages is absolutely paramount for achieving success. Recognizing the importance of this […]

Part 1: What might be wrong with your Sponsored Ads?

As an agency, we provide a free audit of our Sponsored Ads account. During the audit, we go through your campaigns and analyse what are the strong and weak points of your setup. We then present our findings with recommendations on how to remedy the situation with an estimate on missed sales. Having done a […]

Anna Atkin of Amerge: “Amerge’s technology blows me away“

Interview with Anna Atkin

“We need to be the best AMC agency out there and highlight that while we are an Amazon agency, and can optimize your spend there, AMC enables us to support your omnichannel strategy and success better than ever before.“ At Amerge, we are fortunate to have a remarkable team of individuals who continually inspire us […]

Maximise your key shopping days momentum 

Prep for key shopping days

Are you looking to leverage your key shopping days traffic and continue your momentum? Join us on June 7th for an insightful Amazon Ads summit: Prep for key shopping days.  We are thrilled to announce that our Head of Search, Peter Kita, will lead one of the sessions – How to leverage your traffic from […]

OMR23 Festival Highlights: A Closer Look at Amerge‘s Journey

Last week we had the opportunity to represent our agency Amerge at the #OMRfestival in Hamburg, Germany. We immersed ourselves in days filled with inspiration, fruitful meetings, client interactions, and enriching masterclasses.  OMR truly encapsulates the essence of an exceptional festival experience, featuring a diverse community of open-minded individuals, an uplifting atmosphere, and captivating discussions […]

Explore the strategies of the Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners!

Amazon Ads webinar

Learn from the best and discover the secrets behind the success of the Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners by joining Amazon Ads‘ Best Practices webinar. Amazon Ads Partner Awards celebrate creativity, innovation, and excellence within the Amazon Ads Partner Network, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve won the 2022 US Innovation category as an […]