Amerge Tech Q1 2024 Highlights
A quarter of unprecedented Innovation and Operational Efficiency

Amerge Tech Q1 2024 Highlights  <br>A quarter of unprecedented Innovation and Operational Efficiency

At Amerge, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the best-in-class services to our clients. As we embrace the momentum of the second quarter of 2024, we’re proud to highlight the remarkable progress and innovative leaps made by our Tech teams at Amerge. This quarter was marked by groundbreaking achievements, strategic advancements, and a relentless dedication to enhancing […]

Is Prime Video and Gen AI
bringing ‘Sexy’ back?

Panelists discuss at the New Advertising era event

We were invited to ‘The New Advertising Era’ Amazon conference yesterday held for advanced partner agencies. The event ran between 9am and 1pm with a packed agenda, focusing on various topics including innovation, audience tools, insights to impact and Gen AI. If you didn’t attend or you’re interested to hear more, we’ve taken notes on the […]

Lessons Learned from Amerge Women in the Amazon Business

Amerge Women in business

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, we are excited to continue sharing the stories, insights, and advice of our amazing Amerge women who are making a significant impact in the Amazon industry landscape. Last year we started this interview series, and we’re thrilled to bring you the second edition. Join us in celebrating the strength, […]

E-commerce Berlin 2024 Highlights

Amerge team at E-commerce Berlin 2024

Amerge had the privilege of participating in the E-Commerce Berlin expo last week, making a significant impact on the German e-commerce landscape. We had the opportunity to welcome many brands across different categories at our booth and discuss all things Amazon, and especially: Our new Amazon Marketing Cloud solution.  ⚡Thus, we’d love to share with […]

Discover the power of Prime Video ads

A title picture of Discover the power of Prime Video ads article

Prime Video Ads: A New Advertising Emerges, Armed with Data, Competitive UK Pricing, and a Highly Targeted Audience You’ve probably heard all about the launch of Prime Video ads but do you know how this will help you as a Brand?  Amazon has expanded its advertising program and has launched Prime Video ads this month, […]

Amerge View Highlights of the year 2023

Title photo of Amerge view milestones article

At Amerge, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the best-in-class services to our clients. We listen to the feedback of our customers, and we implement it into our tech solutions. Let’s explore together the most significant milestones of 2023. Q1 Advanced Search Data AnalysisIn January, we introduced a new feature for ranking search terms, offering […]

Attributing Without Attribution?

Vitaly Dmitriev talking about attribution on Amazon

Amazon Ads feature a reliable attribution model, but that model has two major downsides.  We often lose the ability to measure the impact of top-funnel advertising on sales when lower-funnel advertising intercepts customers on the way to purchase. Thankfully, Amazon Marketing Cloud solves part of the issue with Path to Conversion by Campaign, which lets […]

Vote for Amerge in the K5 Commerce Award 2023 competition

K5 Commerce Award 2023

We’re excited to share that Amerge was nominated for the prestigious K5 COMMERCE AWARD 2023 in the category of e-commerce agencies. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the e-commerce sector, highlighting innovative solutions and agencies that push the boundaries of digital commerce. Show us your support by voting for us in the competition, which is […]

How do Women Succeed in the Amazon industry

Women with a Girls can transparent

We are thrilled to kick off our two-part interview series celebrating women in business by introducing you to the inspiring women of Amerge. In this first part, we sit down with a group of talented female team members from various departments. They share their unique journeys, valuable insights, and practical advice on how to succeed […]

Discover what´s important within Amazon Selling Partner Services

A guy wrote Selling partner on a backboard

‘’It all begins with focusing on the priority of our client and what is their strongest pain point and what is the source of that pain. Our free of charge audit focuses directly on the spots that cause our clients headaches and we provide a plan how we could alleviate this pain and further improve […]